This is the page about cerussite.

Most recent cerussite specimens uploaded…

Cerussite, Broken Hill

A superb reticulated cerussite specimen in the Rice Northwest Museum of Rocks and Minerals, Portland, Oregon. Displayed at Tucson in 2007.

Cerussite, Marshite, Broken Hill

This specimen, originally in the Joan Lamond micro collection, and now in the Steve Sorrell Collection, was simply labelled Cerussite, Broken Hill. However, once a Convoy S2+ longwave UV torch was shone on the specimen, the marshite was immediately evident! Marshite fluoresces a bright red colour. Click for full sized imageā€¦

Cerussite, Broken Hill Proprietary Mine

A large reticulated cerussite from the Milton Lavers Collection. Sold through Rob Sieliecki’s Ozrocks business. We are fortunate that cerussite specimens of this size and quality were collected over the years.